Wednesday, June 6, 2012

John Thibeau For City Council

Good morning friends, followers and family! I guess it is pretty apparent from today's blog title that I have come to a decision on running in the Municipal election here in Halifax. For those who didn't know I was considering it, please feel free to go back and read my original post on the idea, Seeking Council

Over the last few weeks I have been seeking feedback from all those close to me and sought out specific individuals who I felt would have a positive impact on a campaign. After much deliberation and discussion, I finally reached the decision that I would indeed run for City Council in District 10.

There is much work to be done between now and then. For starters, there is much to learn about the processes of council, regulations, policies and procedures I must understand. Then there are the various committees and community council meetings that take place which I will be investing much of my time in over the next few months. I realize that I do have some inexperience working against me however what I may lack there I more than make up for in my passion, desire and strong ability to learn and understand.

On top of all of those administrative type meetings to attend, there are also a plethora of community organized events or community group events that are happening. I aim to attend as many of these as possible; and not just the ones isolated to District 10 (though I will give those precedence). I am asking for the trust of the people from District 10 and the city of Halifax as a whole to represent their voice at City Council. I've already taken part in a number of really great events and assisted in many different social causes. Some of these include the MS Society of Canada (Atlantic Division), the Human Library at Mount St Vincent, the Diabetes Association of Canada, Clean Across Nova Scotia, LGBTO communities of Halifax and several others. I'm looking forward to participating in many more.

So, I am really excited this morning despite my press release not really being picked up by the media. That's perfectly fine. I have a really excited and dedicated team, a growing wave of support from friends, family and followers and there is still so much time between now and the election. I am really looking forward to getting out and meeting more of the people from District 10. I've met a small group of them already; some are classmates, some are friends and some are professional connections. If you want to know more about how my campaign is going, what I'm doing or want to offer advice or opinion, please check out the links below.

And most importantly, be prepared to get out and vote! Your vote is your voice and I will make it count.

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