Friday, June 1, 2012

Reminder: Clean Across Nova Scotia...the World

Good day my friends! Firstly, I'd like to apologize for yesterday's missing post and perhaps several missing posts that may occur over the next few months. There are some personal things going on in my life that are going to require a lot more of my time and energy. Don't worry, nothing could keep me from writing indefinitely; it means too much to me on many levels. I will of course fill you in on everything when the time is right; until then, however, things may become a little sporadic and I ask you to please bear with me through this time. Now, let's move to today's topic.

Last month I wrote a blog entry on a global event that was happening. Though I did discuss the actual global movement, Let's Do It: World Cleanup 2012, my primary focus was on the local event happening in Halifax and the province of Nova Scotia. I also tried to encourage other people from across Canada to join in as Nova Scotia was the only province participating at that point. Today, that event date is drawing ever so near; just seven days left and it's not too late to be a part of something great.

Originally, the blog post idea came as a request from Clean Across Nova Scotia; today, this is not the case. No one asked me to write another blog about it; my first one quickly became my number one most viewed entry and continues to receive daily hits. No, today I am writing a reminder post because of the importance that I feel this event should be given and why.

You see, this event is more than just about picking up visible litter. It has a broader goal and more important objective: to bring people and communities together. Often I find myself spending hours upon hours a day, in front of my computer, alone in my room drifting through the never-ending vastness of cyberspace (sometimes as much as 12 hours). I am not alone in this; I see some of you on there as often as myself. We are disconnected; all of us. Though we could blame technology, it is only part of the problem. The root is ourselves because we choose it.

There is nothing wrong with technology or the internet or using them. There is something wrong when that becomes your main method of communication. When you spend more time on a keyboard or cell phone than you do having conversation with people face to face (and though work can provide this, it is not the kind of social activity I mean). This is when you disconnect; you forget; you become apathetic and desensitized. This event, and others based on goals like it, is trying to help you, me and each one of us to reconnect.

Like I said, it's more than about cleaning up; it's about rediscovering ourselves and our communities. Here in Halifax we have such a diverse amount of people and cultures that live outside of one another despite living in the same community. Events such as the Clean Across Nova Scotia initiative aim to bring these people and groups together; to give them a common interest; a shared goal and show them that they have more in common as people than they do differences as cultures.

Here in Halifax, the event is gaining in popularity. One of our mayoral candidates, Fred Connors, has accepted an invitation to participate and as I said the first time around, I also have registered for the event as well. As the event day draws near, I get a little more excited. I know many of the people attending two of  the cleanups I am going to try and make it to but there are more I don't know. Those are the one's I am looking forward to meeting; new people with new stories to share and to connect with.

I do my best to be consciously aware of the time I spend away from the real world while I'm hanging out in the online world. I make it a point to make plans to spend time with friends even if it's just over coffee so that I must leave the digital world behind and get back to reality. So today, I encourage you to do the same in the form of joining the growing number of people around the globe participating in this amazing, environmentally and socially conscious event.

Together we can make our communities a more beautiful and greener place to live in. At the same time, reconnect with your community and your neighbors. They are your friends; they are your family; they are your community. You have all, each one of you, an investment in it's upkeep and it's future. Share it together; share ideas together; grow together. Life is a lot more joyful when you have others to share your love with.

Have a wonderful day. Love Each Other.

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