Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5000 Readers & Counting...

Good morning friends, followers and family! The sun isn't physically shining in the sky, but it is in my world. I hope it is in yours as well. Today's blog entry is going to be a little bit briefer than normal. Last night I posted a longer than normal blog posting that I really enjoyed writing. As many of you who read my blog do so during the daylight hours of where I live, I'm sure that many of you are just discovering it now. I will provide a link to it at the end of this entry in case you missed it. I particularly enjoyed writing the rant.
What I want to share with you today is yet another milestone in respect to my blogging. Sometime today, one of you amazing readers will click on one of my links, somewhere out there in cyberspace, and you will become my 5000th page hit!! That's just absolutely incredible!! I know there are lots of sites out there that are getting in the tens of thousands of hits a day and that 5000 hits isn't that much in the grand scale of things; but it is something remarkable to me.

5000 people, most likely not 5000 different people, have found their way to my blog at least one time. My words, my ideas, my thoughts have been absorbed 5000 times. 5000 times I have influenced someone in some way; regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. I know this because any interaction with anything automatically changes us; influences us in some way; however small it may be; whether we recognize it or not. I've always wanted to share with others and getting up this morning and seeing just how many people I have begun to reach just leaves me in awe. I am truly humbled and grateful.

So today, though the sky is greyed with storm clouds deciding on if they should release their cargo on us or not, the sun is shining in my soul. Knowing that that many times my words have been read makes the effort of creating something new every day all the more worth while. Thank you for bringing a little joy and sunlight to my life.

Love One Another.

Last night's random rant.