Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #18

Good afternoon my friends! It is such a gorgeous day out where I am today. I was awake before six in the morning and went on a nice two hour long walk along the harbor. It's just really amazing to be out and about that early in the city before the hustle and bustle starts; almost calming. Today I am aiming for two poetic entries for you. This first one was given to me by one of my dearest friends, Sara Davis. I'm not quite sure if it was something she copied for me or wrote herself but either way, I found it among my things and I remember her giving it to me. I miss the time we would spend together talking. Truly a connection unlike others I have had. Thanks for the poem and thanks for your friendship.

Life Is...

Life is a fast are you running?
Life is a tune...what song are you humming?
Life is a hard will you fight?
Life is in darkness...where is the light?
Life is a why are you crying?
Life is the don't spend it lying.
Life is a dream...what part is real?
Life is a do you feel?
Life is a high can you score?
Life is a gift...but what is it for?

-Sara Dee


And to answer your question on the note Sara ("I made a pretty for you. Hope you enjoy it."): I did. I miss our conversations.

And so are you...

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