Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #20

Good Sunday afternoon!! I hope that you had the same weather to enjoy as I did today. Today's weekly blog series post is a little late getting up and I do apologize. However, today was the MS Walk for a Cure and as you may recall, I had helped to raise money for this event for Team Gracie's Mum through the Play Date With A Purpose event. Well, today was the day of the walk and I went out to participate. Though we did the shorter of the two routes, 3.5km (the long one was 8km and we had small children with us), I more than made up for it on the walk home...I probably added another 10km to my total. Anyway, without further adieu, I present to you this weeks Sunday Afternoon Poetry:

Bottles In The Hall

Once upon a snowy summer's eve
As I was walking down the path of grieve
I found a thought within my head
Telling me to go instead
A destination still unknown
A world for me to freely roam
And the skies have turned to pink
And then my mind begins to think
As I watch the stars show signs of life
The wind whispers softly to the night
I wonder if the grass is wet
Beneath where I am to step
I fear to look below to see
A mirror laughing back at me
But lo' the morning comes at last
And creeps upon the lying grass
Nature stirs, begins to wake
As if in answer the ground now shakes
And feathered flowers ride the breeze
The serpents fall upon their knees
What a strangeness in the land
As time approaches our final stand
And when the fish will sing and play
That will be our Judgement day
The rain will rise, the snow will burn
And then the land will start to turn
And if you get the chance to see
The killing of the honey bee
Send my words unto the deer
As beavers sit to play the lyre
Together we'll meet inside that place
I hope you'll not be coming late
Where is this place of land and rhyme?
Sitting here inside my mind.

-John Thibeau 24/February/2002