Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Equality of the Universe

Good day to you, my friend. Today I'm going to write a little philosophical blog entry in regards to equality. I'm not talking about equality of people or race or religion or what not. No. I'm going just a little beyond that. I recently read a book, borrowed from a friend, called Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda. I won't go into too many details about the book itself, I will permit you to discover that on your own, should you so desire it or wish to explore this concept more in depth from my beginning source.

So let's jump right in. What is equality? Well, very simply it just means that one thing is the same as another; not one is better or more valuable than the other. We know about equality as we use it when talking about social groups, cultures, sexual orientation, etc., etc., etc. We use this word to explain how we want people to be treated: the same, regardless of anything. However, when one stops to consider the grand scheme of things and the Universe, equality is much, much more.
Equality of the Universe

Equality of the Universe is, well, universal. All things within the Universe are equal. That means that I am equal to the laptop I am typing this from which is equal to the coffee in my cup which is equal to the sun lighting up the sky...I think you get the point. In terms of the Universe, all things are equal. Nothing has any more value than anything else; you, as a human being, share the same equivalency as a rock. You are no more important; no less important. 

When you consider that all things are of equal value; that nothing in this Universe is worth any more than anything, from the smallest atom to the largest star to dark matter, they are all the same. If one is not careful in understanding or accepting this concept, it can lead to a very, very dark place. How easy would it be to discard any semblance of morality with the realization and knowledge that the worth of a human being is the same as the bullets used to kill them? I am certain that some of you, by this point, are thinking I may be off my rocker; maybe you're right but I will try to explain some things about this and why it is I think it makes sense.

Firstly, regardless of your belief  (or non-belief) we all come from the same stuff. If you're a religious person of any of the three major religions of the world (Judaism, Christianity & Islam) then God (the same God for all three I might add) created you. Well, God created Adam and Eve and from them, supposedly, came the rest of us. We are all descendants from creation. I am a little behind on other, more spiritual type religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they too, most likely have some creationist history as well (feel free to correct me in the comments section).

But you're not a person of faith you say? Science is your religion you say? Well, that should make this concept all the more easy to understand and accept. In science, we come from the Big Bang. All that is in the Universe was condensed down to the size of an atom with an astronomical mass (everything in the Universe is probably pretty heavy). It exploded, expanded, cooled and now we have the Universe we live in but what's important is the beginning. All matter and energy condensed together in the smallest possible way explodes and creates the Universe; gasses swirl and come together and begin to create the first objects in the universe: stars.

Stars are absolutely amazing. They contain all that is necessary for creation. Stars begin as Hydrogen, as they burn and become more condensed, the nuclear fission (I think it's nuclear fission, if not it is fusion. I apologize for that; hope someone can correct me here) creates a new, heavier gas: Helium. This process continues down the periodic table (right through Carbon; hint) until your reach Iron. Once you hit Iron, stars become suspended, for lack of a better word, and new elements are not created until the star begins to Super Nova and eventually explode sending out all that star stuff into the Universe. This star stuff are all the elements of the periodic table; this necessarily means all the building blocks for life. Your life. My life. The life of that rock.

You see, regardless of what you believe, science or religion (or both as the case may be), our origin is the same for us all. We are all from the singular, the one, the all. We are all everything, yet nothing at the very same time. I understand that is a very difficult concept to swallow however it is truth; in its own understanding. Why have I thrown this out at you today? Well, it wasn't to confuse you nor was it to give you a brain hemorrhage. I wanted to show you your connection to the people of this planet, to the environment of this planet and to the Universe as a whole.

This equality of the Universe concept is important, or at least it was to me, in understanding the true nature of equality but more importantly, the true sacredness of all things. It is also an attempt to show you the value of all things so that you might create for yourself a greater respect for the value of the life of all humanity and all things on the planet. We star stuff, we are all equal; each part of it to the next. We are all connected; each part to the next. What I do unto you, I do unto others, I do unto myself and I do unto the whole of the Universe. How can I aim to hurt, destroy, kill, murder, steal, etc., from myself and expect to remain sane, let alone alive? I cannot.

When you see me, I will appear no different; I will speak no different and I will be no different. I am connected to the Universe, and all things within and created of it, because as I am Human Being named John, I am also the Universe (or a part thereof) and thus I am also all things of and within the Universe (or a part thereof). You all, each one of you, are connected to me and all things in this same way. Connecting to this oneness however, is an entirely different story. I am still working on accepting and recognizing the equality of all things. If ever I should be able to truly comprehend and understand this idea of equality, then perhaps I will be able to share more; to teach more; to create understanding, more.

That my friends, is the equality of the Universe. The Universe does not discriminate against itself, therefore it does not discriminate against you. The Universe is a whole, a great big giant whole and we are all but small parts of it; but part of it nonetheless. You have a deeper, conscious connection to those around you and all of the Universe than you could possibly be aware. Take the time to understand that connection and you may find that the troubles of the modern world are no longer troubles at all. 

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  1. very nicely explained the concept of oneness .