Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy 100th Blog Post!

Good morning my followers, friends and family! Today is a somewhat special day for me. In case you haven't guessed it from the title of today's blog, today's posting will make the official 100th blog posting I have put up since beginning last February. Since the weekend is now on the morning's horizon, I thought I would take a small break from deep, thoughtful blog entries and take a moment to reflect upon my blog and some interesting facts about it. So let's begin.

First Blog Entry: February 13th, 2012

Top 5 Search Words (#): (115); jail cells (31); canadian penny (15); thibeau time (10); prison cells (9)

Top 5 Viewers By Country (#): Canada (2345); United States (1401); Russia (286); United Kingdom (92); Germany (71)

Top 5 Referring Sites: (764); (251); (Twitter: 142); (119); (61)

Total All Time Viewers: 4730

Most Views In A Month: May 2012 (1513 & counting)

Total Blog Entries: 100

Most Popular Blog Series (#): Sunday Afternoon Poetry (377); Addiction (127); An Ode To (92)

Post Most Commented On: Life Is Wasted Without... (8)

Top 3 Web Browsers: Firefox (33%); Internet Explorer (27%); Chrome (19%)

Top 3 Operating Systems: Windows (74%); Macintosh (15%); Android (3%)

As you can see, there have been a variety of viewers who have a variety of interests in the things I write about. What I have found to be particularly interesting is the posts which have received some of the higher acclaim are posts I never expected. It's always interesting to see how what interests me differs from what interests you. 

What I think is the most interesting statistic to follow is where people are viewing my blog from. As you can see above, Canadians have been the most common readers but that trend is changing. You cannot see it here but over the last 30 days, it has been my American viewers who have been outnumbering my Canadian viewers. Russia and the United Kingdom have also recently seen a surge in the number of people coming in from those countries. It's really remarkable to see how far ones words can travel.

So after about three months of writing blog entries almost every day, these are some of the statistics that I have watched grow over that time. Each day, I log in with a certain level of excitement and expectation to what new information might be displayed for me. It's like Christmas as a child; waiting impatiently to see what has come. Really, I know it sounds silly but it's part of the highlight of my day (I'm really not that boring) to come online and check how my blog is faring. So once again, like so many other times before it and many times to come, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I hope you will find some joy in the knowledge that you bring joy to another. Have a great day, see you on Sunday for Afternoon Poetry and of course: Love Each Other.

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