Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #19

Good afternoon my friends and followers. This weeks poem is one I wrote as a Security Guard working at the Electronic Banking Call Centre for Scotiabank in Calgary. Though, on the rare occasion, true security was needed, for the most part the position was one of public relations. Working mostly with forgotten access passes and conversation with staff, we also signed for many, many, many.....many parcels. Well, being the creative fool I can be I finally had seen enough delivery trucks I wrote a poem about the one I saw most frequently: FedEx. I once considered submitting it to them to see if they would use it but I never did. Enjoy!


I look at you, every day.
Coming, going and on your way.
You've packages to send,
Occasionally an ear to lend.
Always welcome where you go,
Always fast and never slow.
What drives you to your destination?
Perhaps some fort of inspiration,
From those who would receive your goods?
I wonder, perhaps, if you could,
Deliver this to a friend in need?
What's that you say? You will indeed?
Happy trails upon your treks!
The world on time, now that's FedEx.

-John Thibeau 18/Sept/2001


UPDATE: Guess I forgot to hit the Publish button yesterday. Enjoy nonetheless.