Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Essay: Voice of the Future

If you've been reading with me for some time, or have found me recently and are just catching up, you'll perhaps have the memory that at the age of 26 I finally escaped my addiction and found a new life. You may also remember me mentioning that I returned to get my High School Diploma. During that time, as graduation neared (it was an Adult High School), our teacher handed out a memo about writing essays for bursaries. There were three categories to enter with each category having two questions. The idea was to pick one question and write an essay about it. When I was sifting through some older files I came across them and re-read them. It is interesting to see the differences and similarities between then and now. I've decided I want to share all three with you. So today we will start the sharing process with one of those essays.

Voice Of The Future

Topic #2: If you could make one scientific discovery in your lifetime, what would it be, and why?

If I could make only one scientific discovery it would be free energy. Free energy would benefit all of mankind in many different ways. The foremost of which would be the immediate and drastic reduction in pollution caused by the current usage of fossil fuels to provide energy. Global warming is continuing to show its effects on a worldwide level and free energy, though not eliminating it, would bring it to a slow crawl.

Free energy would also destroy the monopoly that many countries and Multi-National Corporations currently have on the world over natural gas, oil and other fossil fuels. On an economic level, countries which formerly had no advantages or possibilities of advancement would now have a more leveled playing field in which to participate on a global scale. Third world countries would now be in a position to enter the world market, creating unthought-of wealth being pumped into the world economy. Many starving and impoverished people would now be able to be housed, fed and employed at a much cheaper expense then possibly imagined.

Helping to end pollution, poverty and major wealth gaps, although admirable goals, are not the only reasons I would desire to discover free energy. I would like to make this discovery in an effort to allow us, as a people, to have more time to dedicate towards further scientific advancement. To permit more resources and more capital to be spent in the research and development of new scientific and technological discoveries which will also, in turn, help to advance the human race to help ensure our survival and our prosperity.

The discovery of free energy would become, most likely, one of the greatest scientific discoveries in history. Many people who might desire to be its discoverer might use it to amass a large fortune for themselves, whereas I am not interested in become rich. Rather than attempt to make a profit, I would rather share this discovery with the whole world; freely as the energy which would be produced. The idea of free energy has been studied and theorized for hundreds of years and to be the discoverer would be worth far more than any financial sum.

So, if I could make any scientific discovery it would be free energy. Not for the money, not for the fame, not for the recognition but for the possibility to create a world in which all humanity may have an equal footing and an equal opportunity at prosperity; to help close the gap between the extremely poor and the extremely wealthy; but most importantly, so that all of humanity can have a better foothold on creating a better, more peaceful world for tomorrow.

-John Thibeau, March 1st, 2007

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