Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #17

Good afternoon my friend! I promise not to keep you long today as I'm certain if it is as beautiful here as it is there that you'd rather be out enjoying it than stuck inside. I found this one as I was sifting through some other paperwork I recently found. I wrote it just over six years ago now; around the time I was getting clean from my addiction. If this is your first visit I encourage you to catch up on my experiences to give it a better context. A good place to start is here. I hope you enjoy today's poem. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. I cannot express my gratitude enough; you provide me much joy.

Will I

Will I save the human race?
Will I fall upon my face?
Will I ever find a wife?
Will I live a healthy life?
Will I know what's right or wrong?
Will I help a friend along?
Will I make the right decision?
Will I ever lose my vision?
Will I lose my will to live?
Will I have a gift to give?
Will I hurt the one's I love?
Will I die and go above?
Will I be jailed and locked away?
Will I make it through today?
All these thoughts inside my head,
Will haunt me 'till the day I'm dead.
But one question beats inside me still:
Will I make the most of life? Yes; I will.
Making The Most Of Life

-John Thibeau 16/Feb/2006