Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Good morning my friends. Today's post is going to be a little briefer than normal as I'm not really supposed to be working today. And though I don't consider my blog or anything I write to really be work because I enjoy it so much, I still think it applies to today. You see today is May Day. So how does this affect me? I'm not part of any labor unions or movements; however I am a part of Occupy Nova Scotia and ONS has devised their own 'May Day' in conjunction with other May Day celebrations/rallies/protests.

Since both May Day's are happening simultaneously and at the same location, I cannot miss this opportunity to go down and participate; have my voice heard. There are going to be many people there today whom I have not see in some time; this is my other reasoning for attending today's event however it is not, by far, the only one. Today isn't just about celebrating labor achievements, it's also a STRIKE day for all workers across this great country; across this beautiful planet. Let the powers that be remember that they depend upon US for everything they have; we the people forget this all too often ourselves.

Some of the other reasons I am going down to participate is because of all the scandal going on in my federal government. I am a dissenter. I do no approve of the Harper Régime nor of its practices. Let's make ourselves a small list of what our Crime Minister and his cabinet full of other criminals have thus far accomplished in terms of destroying our democracy:

1) F-35 fighter plane fiasco. Millions and millions of dollars wasted on fighter jets that can't fly in the cold (in Canada, say what?), are falling apart and depend upon American military outlets in order for the jets to function properly.

2) The Robocall scandal is another great reason. The majority government we have may well be an illegitimate and more importantly, illegal, government. As Elections Canada (which lost funding recently from the Harper Régime incidently) continues to investigate accusations that over 44 thousand (that was the last number I remember reading) Canadians were misled and deceived during the last federal election.

3) The Crime and Internet bills that they have been trying to pass; one successfully. I know that the crime bill that puts potheads in jail longer than pedophile's has been passed; I am unsure of the internet bill that will permit the government and police agencies to spy on ALL Canadians whenever they feel like it without a warrant or any probably cause (they can just make that up as they go; and they do!).

4) The Conservatives re-opened the abortion debate. Unless all those Conservatives are women dressed as men, they have no business even looking at it. Enough said.

5) Environmental censorship. Canada used to be know for its freedoms; especially that of speech. Now we have government agents following around all of our great minds (scientists) making sure that they aren't saying anything that is contrary to the Harper Régime. The Conservatives are censoring science (can we all say: Inquisition?). 

There are some other, more smaller and personal reasons but those are the gist of them. Originally I thought this was yesterday when I was coming home from my fundraiser, Play Date With A Purpose and I wasn't the most enthusiastic about it as I was pretty exhausted from stretching myself thin trying to get the event going. My mother, with me at the time, quipped, "Then don't go." A revelation happened just then.

"Mom, I have to go."
"Why?" she asked.
"Why? Because how can I sit behind my computer, preach about rights and freedoms, ask others (some I have never met) to go and stand up for their own and then stay home? I would be a hypocrite. I have to go."

And it's true. I do have to go. In twenty years, if things have gone to hell in a hand basket, I will rest comfortably, no matter the evils that may have befallen us all, knowing I did what I could to stop it from happening. Make no mistake, should the worst case scenarios come to fruition, I will fight with every last ounce of life within me. On the other side, if in twenty years, we've found some form of world peace (dream with me here...) and it is a safe and good world, well I'll sit back with a small, little smirk knowing that I did my share to help make this happen.

YOU can too! It is almost certain there is something happening in your place of residence. Check your local papers, search Facebook or just go Google it. If there isn't, well perhaps you can go sit with a sign somewhere prominant wherever you are and encourage others to join you. Shy? Rallies/protests not you thing? Worried about your job being threatened for having an opinion (this is a reality; I know someone still fighting for their job for being a witness on the side of ONS during a trial)? Then do something in another way: share. Spread the message any way you can. Share this blog. Share the May Day links. Share the links for events happening in your home town. Speak up. Write a letter. Write a blog. Change you Facebook status. Every little thing YOU do adds up to all the little things that YOU do and so on and so forth. Soon, before you know it, we'll be far too big for Crime Minister Harper and his CONServative Régime to ignore.

You have a voice. You have a say. You have a claim to life. Don't let Harper or any dictator/oppressor take that away from you. You must fight tooth and nail, even unto the death for your right to live free. It is your duty to yourself and those you love (your collective). Do not sit quietly on the sidelines when you could be helping to win the battle.


  1. For a visual record of the May Day march in Halifax, Nova Scotia, check out these photos http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/photo/may-day-march-reclaims-halifax-streets/10721
    or these (on Facebook) http://tinyurl.com/marke-May-Day-photos