Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #22

Good morning Cyberspace! It has been some time since I published any poetic content. As it so happens, I awoke particularly early on this Sunday morning. For no particular reason that I am aware, I was awake bright and early. Therefore I have found myself with a little extra time on my hands and felt a desire to suddenly publish a new poetic post. I have had a yearning lately to return to writing in my blog so I am starting simple and hoping to ease back into more frequent writing. I hope you enjoy today's entry and I'm looking forward to writing for you again. Enjoy your day as you can.


Today is a beautiful day.
For what reasons, I cannot say.
Maybe it was the clear blue sky;
Or clouds floating up above so high.
Perhaps it was the warming of the sun
Whose course above is almost done.
Whatever reasons made my day so bright,
They leave me better into night.
Will tomorrow bring me this much joy
And make me though a younger boy?
For now I'll worry not about the dawn;
Dusk is coming, day almost gone.
But as the sun sets down beyond the sky,
I thank the gods to be alive.

-John Thibeau 22/April/2003
Sunset on inukshuk

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