Saturday, September 21, 2013

Press Release - Southern Unified Organization for the Top Hemisphere (SOUTH)

For Immediate Press Release*
21 September 2013

The Southern Unified Organization for the Top Hemisphere (SOUTH) would like to announce its intention to put forward a motion at the upcoming United Nations World Conference in November of 2013. The United Nations World Conference will be held at the New York United Nations Building located at 1 United Nations Plaza in New York from November the 20th, 2013 through to November 24th, 2013. Representatives from all 192 countries will be present, the majority of which will be representing countries from the Southern Hemisphere.

The motion put forward by SOUTH will be to present a case and put forth a study on revising what has commonly been the layout of the planet on maps and globes. It is a scientific fact that our perception of direction is subjective. We have named the poles North and South, given those terms definitions of direction and created our geographical records to reflect those terms. The reality of the situation is that we, SOUTH, feel that we were not given an opportunity to take part in the finalization of how our geographical representations should look like. It is with this in mind that we present our request to move forward with change.

SOUTH proposes that beginning on January the 1st, 2020 that all georgraphical representations of the planet be done with the Southern Hemisphere at the top of the map while the Northern Hemisphere will be moved to the bottom. We are currently in the process of drafting a resolution to change the global definitions of North and South. It is time that the dictatorial demands of the developed countries of the Northern Hemisphere now take a back seat to the needs and demands of those developed nations in the Southern Hemisphere.

"For too long, everything in the World has revolved around some country or city-state in the Northern Hemisphere. Throughout history it has been the Northern countries that have been the source of war, poverty and environmental destruction," says recently elected Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. "It is time that we, SOUTH, stand together and be given our opportunity; they've had a few millenia to get it right and have failed miserably."

While we, SOUTH, understand the magnitude of this undertaking we do so with great resolve and determination. The Southern Hemisphere currently contains the majority of all countries on the planet as well as the majority of countries who are members of the United Nations. Most of the world's largest supply of natural resources are also found in the Southern Hemisphere. With such a vast populace and reserve of resources, SOUTH will, over the coming years, become a force of influence and power.

There are currently 83 countries who have joined SOUTH to push this resolution forward. 

No media contact will be made available until one week prior to the conference as we continue to finalize the resolution that will be put forward during the United Nations World Conference.

For more information please contact SOUTH via email at Please find included a tentative reproduction of our proposal for a new World Map.

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*this is a work of fiction by the writer