Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #24

Good day my cyber friends! I hope that you are enjoying this lovely Sunday. There's a lot of things pending for me at the moment which makes it difficult to concentrate however I've been having some pretty entertaining engagements this morning and it has motivated me to post a blog entry today. Since it is a Sunday, I'm going to post one of my original poems and continue my Sunday Afternoon Poetry series. I hope you enjoy! Thank you all for reading and remember, love one another.


"Come forth," said she. "Into the light."
"Release your fears on thy final night."
The smell of roses filled the air
I looked above and saw him there
I could not speak, I could not move
Was this a trick? A joker's ruse?
"Bow down and show respect to me;
Or eternal pain will come to thee."
Onto my knees I begin to pray,
"I love thee Lord, please let me stay!"
A shadow of pity came cross His face
He laughed at me and cried, "DISGRACE!"
"For Eternity have I ruled here,
And watched you as you laughed and sneered.
You did no help your fellow man
And took with Satan hand in hand.
For pity asketh you of me?
Then tell me why to favour thee."
I turned to what should lay within
But found only a life of sin.
"Forgive me Lord for I have erred,
You have no need to keep me here.
From the darkness shall I flee,
A life in Hell, Eternally.

Clearly there is a biblical influence going on here. While I don't have a date for this one I can safely estimate that I wrote it somewhere around 2000-2001. That was during an extremely religious/spiritual period in my life when I was deeply exploring religion and searching for god. Needless to say I didn't find Jesus but eventually found a road to walk upon that continues to find me enlightened along the way.