Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Apps 4 Android

Good day to you all my digital friends! I hope that wherever you are, whatever your circumstance that you have found at least one moment to spent in happiness. It's been another little stretch since my last posting but not nearly as long as they have been. I am going to take this as a positive sign that I am slowly, but most certainly, getting back into my writing. I even have sudden desires and urges to write and long to get back into the groove of a blog.

Today's blog is more of a ramble; a pre-cursor to a new set of blog posts I will be attempting to post in the future: applications for you Android-based phone. More specifically, they will be posts about the applications that I use on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I am aware that there are about a million other technology related posts on different apps for Android but I am not discouraged; I am not them. There won't be any lists or best of type posts, just posts about specific apps I use or have used and what I think of them.

I've decided that I have been trying to hard to make things happen and that the best course of action would be to start doing things that come naturally to me. Right now, in terms of writing, what feels like comes naturally is talking about techie stuff. I don't immerse myself in technology and social media as much as I once did but I do thoroughly enjoy the fun and entertainment of using both and discovering new things about them. I did get a really good topic suggestion that I will be using for another post...hopefully some time this week. It will no doubt get some people's blood running with it but that is how it is with potentially controversial subjects.

I guess today's post will not be that very long; I think that just getting something written down is a good way to continue trying to get back into the groove of things. It can't hurt. I would, however, prefer to be outside enjoying some of this most beautiful of days but unfortunately I am required to be at work in order to be able to continue to pursue the things that make me happy. I hope that each and every one of you has a most fantastic day!

Love each other.
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