Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dear John - A Letter To Myself

Good day my friends, wherever you might be found today! I hope that the day has found you safe, healthy and happy. Personally, while nothing of a spectacular nature has occurred, I find myself quite content and optimistic. I'm aiming to quit smoking on June the 1st, just three more days, and start going to a gym to work out. Healthy lifestyle, here I come. I've also stepped it up a notch with my external attire when going to work and already, after a mere two hours, I've already received several compliments on my appearance (which begs the question: did I look like a slob before or do I just look that much better?).

Today's blog entry is an idea that I wish I had had the foresight to think up a LONG time ago but better late than never I suppose. The idea was planted when I came across a video link of a man who had videotaped a message for his future self. What a novel idea! Looking back on old writings and poems, it's interesting to see how I have developed over time; how I have changed; how I have evolved. With that in mind, I thought I would write my future 50 year old self a letter and with any luck, in 20 years we'll still be here along with the Internet and I can come back and reflect upon it. Also, this is my first and only 'Dear John' letter (you might not get that joke but I'm sure some of you are chuckling at least a little bit).

Dear John,

It's been a long time my dear friend; almost twenty years. I am sure that a lot has changed between now and then. I wonder what the future might look like. In case you've forgotten, here in 2014 we have global conflicts happening all the time (Ukraine is a big one right now; is that even a country now? Do countries even exist?). We love our technology; Apple and Samsung rule the mobile/cellular market and computers are between Apple and Microsoft. Do we still have computers and cell phones?

I hope that the last twenty years or so have treated you well. I wrote this letter to you so that you could remember some of what it was like in 2014 and also so that I could remind you of a few things. Right now, you are a call center agent working at Blue Ocean. You do enjoy your work even though you feel like there is something more, something greater waiting for you out there. You might even be getting a promotion in two days but you would already know if you got the job or not now wouldn't you?

Today, it is just you and your cat, Maggie. You live alone in the city of Halifax located in Nova Scotia, Canada (again, these places may no longer exist; hell, you could even be dead and I'm writing a letter to a ghost) and while you are single, you are nothing close to lonely. You've been working on quitting smoking (which you better have done by now) and learning to balance your energies. 

That's You Buddy! (Original)
I want you know to know some things John. First, whatever you do, wherever you end up, don't regret any of it. You learned a long time ago that mistakes happen and that as long as you acknowledge and atone for them that you can be at rest with yourself. We don't have a real game plan right now so where you ended up is really open to possibility. I hope that you ended up someplace that makes you happy; preferably with someone who makes you happy. Don't worry about if you've found that greater purpose; chances are it was just our own delusions of grandeur. A simple life of love and laughter is everything that I want or need so however disappointed you may feel about where you ended up, don't. Life hardly ever goes as planned.

My sincerest hope is that you did find someone to love and to love you and that you now have a family. It is the single dream and desire that you truly hope to find someday. I'm sure you recall we lost this once already and while our siblings have all found what you wanted, right now you are missing that and longing for it. I truly hope that the Universe has brought you together with someone who compliments you the way you deserve. And for the record, it will be just fine John if we're alone as long as you never forget that true happiness, the kind that allows you to be happy with others, comes from inside buddy.

If you are anything at all like I am now in your resolve then I am certain that you are doing just fine. I hope that you were able to make the time to travel and see some of the world. While we've already seen most of Canada, you know damn well there are places in this world you are determined to see; I look forward to experiencing all the adventures that you have experienced over the last two decades. It seems kind of odd to know that the things I wonder about will be memories or past experiences for you.

Before I go John, I want you to know that you are happy. You don't have everything you'd like, you're not particularly wealthy and you're not particularly famous; but you are happy and you know how to be happy. I sincerely hope that you have not forgotten this valuable knowledge. If I had just one piece of advice for you John it's this: you are good enough; always have been and always will be. Don't let anyone tell you different.
World of Tomorrow? (Original)
I hope that you'll be around to read this someday; that the world will still be here for you to be able to read this. Things seem dark and bleak right now. The environment is in ruins, global conflict is abound, economies are struggling or collapsing and civil protests occur in every corner of the globe. I hope that we have found a way to resolve some of these issues and make a better world. 
Or World of Tomorrow? (Original)
Take care of yourself John and hopefully you're exactly where you ought to be. I hope that the future has been kind. Take care of yourself, smile and laugh often. That's really all there is to it.

From one John to the same, but different, John.

PS: I hope you aren't bald!

I want to thank you all for taking a few minutes out of your day to read today's blog entry. While there are some other, more private and personal, words of wisdom I have to bestow upon myself, those are in my other letter to myself; the one being sealed in an envelope. I hope that you all have a most wonderful day and that it is filled with much joy and few tears. As always:

Love Yourself.
Love Each Other.