Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #3

This second posting contains one of my own original works. It has currently been published in two separate poetry anthology books. It's an older one of my writings when I first began writing down my thoughts and ideas. I hope you enjoy.

As I was glancing at the sky,
I took a moment to wonder why.
I gazed at my surrounding 'scape
And began to love my mortal fate.
On this planet we all shall grow,
Through summer sun and winter snow.
What we do may never last;
We may get lost along the path,
But if you've got a gift to share,
Whether it's know or un-aware,
Do not hide from those who love
Or fly away like a pigeon dove.
Troubled times will lay ahead,
Careful on the ground you tread.
And when you will receive your call,
Your legs will falter, your step will fall.
Do not be worried or gripped with fear,
The gift your brought, you left it here.
You'll never know what help it brings,
Or perhaps it will cause suffer-ing;
But if you used it for the better good
And only one had understood
Do not feel as though you've failed
For you began a newer trail.
And from this trail others will form;
Lay down your head, begin to dorm.
For now you're on to better things,
And left your mark on Human Beings.
-John Thibeau, 02/Aug/2001