Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry

I was intending on taking the weekends off from blogging but as I was going through some things, I found some poems I had written over the years. As I was reading over some of them, I began to realize how some of them resonated with the current state of affairs in our communities, our countries, and our world. After going through a dozen or more I decided that I would like to share some of them with you. I would also like to share with you some of my favorite poems I have come across over the years. With all this beautiful poetry at my fingertips it was an easy decision to create a weekly Sunday Afternoon Poetry blog. For many people it is a day to relax; a day to enjoy; a day to inspire. I hope you will find inspiration and share your inspiration with others. 

The first poem I will be sharing with you is one of my own. Please enjoy.

The Prize

Two men walking down a beaten road,
Stop for a minute to rest their load.
As one looked down he happened to see,
A diamond resting near an apple tree.
He reached down for it but to his surprise,
Another hand where the diamond lies!
Each one looked at the other in hate
And just like that it was already too late.
They fought and bickered over what had been found
And stayed there for days with the gem in the ground.
Neither would sleep and neither would leave
And then the jewel began to grieve.
It could not see what the fuss was for;
After all there were many more.
But the men remained with their treasured prize
Until finally one of them realized:
That both would remain until they died
And only one of them was left alive.
So one plotted murder and the other plotted theft,
But when both men awoke, the diamond had left.
They looked at each other in a powerful glare
And the diamond sat watch from inside its lair.
The battle was fierce and continues today,
How it will end is for any to say;
But one thing is certain for all who take part,
And that was determined right from the start:
In the end when it's over and it's all said and done,
The diamond remains, belonging to none.

-John Thibeau, 08/Apr/2002



  1. I generally dislike poetry, but I like this poem quite a lot actually. Well said.