Monday, February 20, 2012

Words of Encouragement

There are some universal truths (at least they are truths in my world) I would like to share with YOU (yes YOU, not you as in everyone, but YOU as in YOU who are specifically reading this right now at this very moment) so that when you are facing adversity in life, when an obstacle seems too great to overcome, when you feel as though all hope is lost, or when the darkness seems to be viciously tearing away at all signs of light in your life that you will find comfort in thinking of some of these. Take them to heart; take them with you wherever you go:

  1. You are a miracle of nature. Your very existence goes against such astronomical odds that after 2000+ years we are still 'alone' in the universe.
  2. You are a unique individual. You may not know how; you may never know how but you are. Your uniqueness can be extremely self-evident to yourself and all others or it can remain a hidden force, never to be seen, only to be felt. You may, for most of your life, seem just like everyone else or average (and for most aspects of your life, for most people, this is true) but that does not negate the uniqueness of your mind and thus yourself.
  3. You have a right to live. Sound redundant? It isn't. Once you realize that YOU have a right to live, then you come to understand that so does everybody else. With this knowledge, how would you, how could you, ever do harm to another?
  4. Empathy is the natural state of Humanity, not Apathy (Caring vs Not Caring). Human beings are social creatures. You can embrace your fellow man without losing your uniqueness as it is our uniqueness within a collective that provides for progress.
  5. All Humanity is equal in its entitlement to life.
  6. All Humanity is entitled to equitable and fair use of the Earth and the Earth's resources.
  7. You CAN make a difference. You don't have to be Oprah; you don't have to be Ellen; you don't have to be Tim Tebow; you don't have to be Sidney Crosby. No, you can and DO make a difference by just being kind and thoughtful. Try not to be insulted (for I include myself here at times) by this but we do not know how to be nice. We have been taught to ignore. It's OK. It's not your fault but it is now your choice. Give an elderly person a hand with groceries or help them across the street; call a friend just to say hello and wish them a happy day; SMILE at people; give to the homeless (or if you are someone who is leery about giving money, ask them what they might need and go buy it personally); thank a veteran; hold open a door; etc. You may be thinking that these aren't going to change the world; they will. The world did not become non-caring overnight (we used to care a lot) and thus, it cannot return to caring overnight. It is a process and it starts with YOU.
  8. No matter how bad it gets; no matter how much violence there is; no matter how oppressive a regime may become; despite the loss of all rights and freedoms; no matter what the insurmountable odds: Good will always triumph in the end. Even when all seems lost, the Good will carry on in the minds of Humanity and that sort of idea never dies.
I urge you to always remember that no matter how bad things get, your life has value. You have value. We all do. Sometimes it is hard to see the value in ourselves or the value we carry in the eyes of others. This is especially true in times of despair; times of darkness. You are not only permitted, but it is necessary for you to question yourself at times in order for you to grow. Just remember that no matter what answers or solutions you arrive at, none are so important as to keep on living. 

Sometimes it is harder to see the value in others when we constantly are at ends with them, but rational discussion and debate is one of the purest forms of creativity. I would like to think that all of you will go out at once and start spreading kindness but I know this won't be the case. Most will read this entry and go back to whatever web page led them here and I am alright with that. Why does it not bother me to think that not a single person will leave this post changed? Because the seed has been planted and the change is already beyond your control. 

The world is a wonderful place, let's enjoy it side by side instead of head to head.