Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Live in a Very Fearful Time...

Long before there was an Occupy Wall Street or an Arab Springs, I had been learning and researching about economics, the financial industry, politics, political theory, disparity, distribution of wealth, social classes and many of the other similar ideas that were brought forth through those events. This is not to say that I am necessarily convinced of everything I've read, however some seemingly outlandish and conspiracy-like ideas I scoffed at have later proved themselves to be rather accurate as new information came to light. Inspired by the unfolding of those two movements, I took a moment to express some of my own fears about the state of our societies. I had posted it originally to my Facebook notes as I never imagined I would have this type of medium to share it in. Now that I do, I want to share it with you. I am not afraid despite living in a fearful time; I am courageous. I hope you will be too:

I live in a very fearful time. Everywhere across the globe, in every pocket of society, there exists a rampaging growth of civil unrest. Human turned against Human in a battle for power, control and money. The very fabric of society is falling apart; the seams have long since been unraveled. The economies of the world continue to fall and some have collapsed resulting in mass poverty, homelessness and an overwhelming sense of betrayal. Even America, for all its wealth and posterity, bleeds debt like a hemophiliac.  I live in a very fearful time indeed.
Sparks of revolution, fueled by an anger caused by corruption and greed, have begun to spring up in droves: Egypt, Spain, Greece, England, Canada, America, Iceland, and Australia to name but a small number. The people cry out in rage against banking giants and multinational corporations. They demand that their governments end oppression and slavery through financial debt. And it is not just the few, nor young. From all walks and waves of life they gather to share in their feelings of abuse and betrayal and together, in solidarity, they give voice to those feelings and demand justice. I live in a very fearful time.
Fear is a strong emotion; one of the strongest that, as human beings, we can experience. One we share with each and every individual human on the planet without ever having met them. We have all experienced fear, and it matters not the situation for fear is fear. It is said that fear breeds hatred. This, very sadly, I cannot refute but offer only that it is how we learn to deal with our fear that determines its end result. The current method in which our governments deal with their people is through fear and propaganda. So it should come as no surprise that it is such a commonly held belief, and practice, that fear breeds hatred. It is what we are taught. However, there are greater, stronger uses of fear. The forefront of which is courage and it is courage which should always be the end result to fear: courage to know; courage to learn; courage to understand; courage to share; courage to love; courage to accept. Courage should be the only product of fear; sadly, we are taught rather, that it is to hate. I live in a very fearful time.
For too long we have been imposed with unfair banking practices and unjust laws to which our governments turn a blind eye. The laws that are meant to protect and serve the people no longer protect their interests. Laws are now drafted and created to command and govern the people and assist in the pillaging of their wealth by the private bankers of the world. The world and each and every country which exists upon this planet is no longer run by its elected or by its regime, it is run by the money holders. Military, government, police, education, production, distribution, religion; all run, not by the people, but by those who hold the money. But truly, the members of these organizations (be they bankers, traders or CEO's) are simply a sample of representatives from the people of a particular society and when these become corrupt, it necessarily reflects that society itself is corrupt and needs to be repaired; reshaped. I live in a very fearful time.
We are breaching on a very important time in the history, and more importantly the future, of mankind. Each country harbors its own armies and weapons; many of massive destruction. As social order continues to collapse; as greed and corruption infect the mediums in which we are raised and educated; as financial debt continues to enslave the people; so too will the growth of fear and anger exponentially. The difference between our great social revolution and of those of times past is that there is, for the first time in history, the technology, the logistics and the manpower to subjugate us all. I live in a very fearful time indeed.
Solutions have been brought forth by a few. One group claims that a return to a Gold Standard with money will help eliminate greed and corruption and stabilize economies, returning us to a standard of living we are more accustomed to with a promise to make us wealthier than ever before and eliminate debt. Another pushes forth the Resource Based Economy which includes the abolition of money in all its forms and a proper distribution of capital and resources based on the needs of a given area. Please bear in mind these ideas are much more in depth and complex than I could possibly ever hope to give them credit for here.  There then remains those who wish to keep things the way they are; the people who benefit from this slavery. What is the solution then, when people are bred to corruption through fear and deception? When the society in which they live is no longer fit for living? I live in a very fearful time.

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