Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Robocalls: The Last Call?

I have been asked by some of the people I know personally who read my blog why I have not spoken of the current Robocall scandal that is plaguing the current majority Conservative government and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The reason I have waited this long was to see how the scandal would be dealt with. I would like to thank the 30 000+ Canadians who had the courage to make their complaints. Elections Canada has officially (something they hardly ever do) announced that it is performing an investigation into the matter. Only time will tell what kind of consequences, if any, will be handed out. Suffice to say it is probably likely you aware of this scandal, if not I will provide a link here which should provide the basics of the scandal you need to know. 

Why is this scandal so important and why should Canadians, as well as other democratic countries, need to worry about? Let us start with the importance of this scandal; more specifically let us examine the importance of this scandal should it turn out to be true (which it apparently is; at least circumstantially for now). If the complaints reported by the number of Canadians turns out to be fact it could truly prove to have affected the outcome of several ridings where the Conservatives won seats. There was one riding where there was a 27 vote margin of victory.

If a re-election were called for the 40+ ridings in question, it could very well alter the outcome of the past federal election. This has two consequences. The first is that there may not have been a Conservative majority government. That is not written in stone, just one possibility. However the consequences of this would be far-reaching. The Conservatives would never have been in a position to pass or even bring to the table some of the current laws and bills they have. There power would not have been all-encompassing and they would be much more accountable.

The second consequence is a result of the first. Without a majority government, the Conservatives would have to have worked more cooperatively and alongside the opposition: the NDP. The NDP have a different core set of values than that of the Conservative party. This would have ensured Canadians always had the two majorities of the minorities, who share different values, working together to provide the best for all Canadians and the values they share as individuals and also as a collective, unified country.

Now, why should Canadians be worried? Because this scandal now forces us to ask the question: How many times? How many times has this happened before? Understandably the technology has not always been there, but I think we can agree that things have taken a steady decline in the last 10-15 years (coincidentally just as the technological and digital explosion really took off amongst the masses). Moving on from those questions will inevitably lead to others. If they are willing to deceive and manipulate us for an election, what other lengths will they go to? What other great important decisions affecting Canadians will be made through lies and deceit?

Canadians it is time to open up yours eyes to the world you now live in. You are not immune to the oppression and tyranny of evil because you have luxury and live with great privilege in contrast to the rest of the world. Our luxury and privilege make us blind and weak; the oppression and the tyranny keep us in line. We do not suffer at the hands of brute force as they do in other places like Syria, Egypt or Lybia. No, our suffering is the retreating further and further into the corner as our governments strip away right by individual right while we sit there and watch. We accept it because of the guilt they demand of us for our luxuries. Do not give it to them. You do honor to those less fortunate through your humility and gratefulness for the blessings in your life than to abuse and lose them because you think you don't have it so bad in comparison. Your slavery is psychological; theirs is physical.

No person is immune to corruption; therefore neither is any government. You may live in Canada and believe yourself to be free but your freedoms are limited to what you are told they are. If this scandal is not a wake up call for you who live in the free world then I fear that already the fight is over and you should just go pick up a pair of shackles for you will forever remain in bondage. Together as Canadians...as people we need to keep our voices from being silenced. Today there are over 30 000 Canadians who have registered complaints and it's still front page news. We cannot let that fade. Do not let the Conservative government, Stephen Harper and a public relations campaign they will launch (started already) to downplay this scandal, pass the blame and try to make you forget. Do not forget.You must hold those responsible guilty for their breach of such a sacred fundamental to the idea of a Free World. It is your debt to the men and women, past and present, who died fighting for your freedoms and rights to continue that battle except this time you are not armed with guns, you are armed with knowledge and numbers. Do not let them make a mockery of the right to vote; or any of your rights and freedoms.