Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #4

This is one of my original works. At the time of writing I had a vision of what I wanted the poem to speak about, this is not how it came out however. Sometimes even when one feels inspired and has a vision, creativity has another idea and forces its hand. I hope you will enjoy my little poem and check back later for my favorite poem ever. I hope you're enjoying this beautiful day and will go out and find the beauty in life.

The Mushroom Man

Do you know the story of the mushroom man,
The most dangerous man to walk the land?
He lives in a house surrounded by stone;
He has no friends, he lives there alone.
Sometimes if you wait you might catch a look
But he's most easily found inside of a book.
He hates to love and loves to hate
And when he comes out, it is too late.
Tell me, do you know the mushroom man?
Are you his friend? Are you his fan?
He only leaves in times of fear,
When evils face comes to appear.
But most times he's just locked away,
Never seeing the light of day.
Oh the woes of the mushroom man!
Killing lives; destroying land!
Most have forgotten that he's even there.
They do not know; they do not care.
But woe to those who would ignore,
The evil that he has in store!
For many years he's been locked away,
But soon again it will be his day.
And soon he'll come to destroy the land,
Such is the life of the mushroom man.

-John Thibeau 20/Sept/2001