Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #8

So I was reading through my pile of poems that I've accumulated through the years and today I'm going to share with you a different style of poem. Many years ago, when I was just a child of 15, I began writing poetry. When I started writing, I didn't care for rhyme schemes. My poems were written in free verse and directly reflected the deep and hyper-sensitive emotions and inner battles I was fighting at the time. Some of them are actually quite literal poetic descriptions of things I did but that will be for another day.

Today I am going to share a poem about how I viewed the system and its institutions. You'll get to read a first hand account of how I actually viewed things at the time. As I personally re-read it before deciding on it, it really struck me because of my involvement in the Occupy movement and my ideas concerning severe flaws in our current economic and political systems. This comes from an immature and undeveloped mind of a 15 year pubescent male with a hyper-sensitivity to emotion. I have since grown to understand the vague and broad ideas that I was able to identify with at such a young age. I am now much more knowledgeable about the root to some of these issues. It acts as an example to how my thoughts and ideas evolve over the years. Please enjoy and come back later for my second posting of Sunday Afternoon Poetry.

It starts from birth
Being told what to do
How to do it
When to do it
You're taught to hate
but told to love
Soon they make you learn
They send you away
Away to be brainwashed
Your entire life is being shaped
Molded into one of them
By one of them
But I am not one of them
Nor shall I ever be
So beware of them
And pay attention to their ways
Once you're trained
You'll never change.


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