Thursday, March 29, 2012

This Is The End?

Tomorrow I have a blog post entry already decided upon, which of course, did me no good this morning when I opened it up and decided I would get to writing early. I just didn't have anything to write about. I gave it some thought and wanted to talk about this year: 2012.

There is a lot of conspiracy and a lot of theory on the number of terrible incidents that may or may not occur to the planet Earth and the Human Race this year. Many people are stuck on the Mayan calendar as predicting the end of the world. Why? Because the Mayan calender, like all calendars, records time but this one does so for a long period of time. It is a long count calendar created through mathematics and astrological observation. It is as accurate as our own calendars, if not more so. It just happens that the last day on the calendar, which has a 12 500 or so year cycle, comes around the end of this year. It is just a calendar.

That is the big one; the one more people have fallen prey to than any other. Another of the big possibilities is the return of the Anunaki or Niburu. Well, Niburu is the planet they live on and the Anunaki are supposed to be alien visitors who came to Earth and genetically modified primitive man into what we are today. Lots of people around the world have been anticipating the return of Niburu, but so far all claims have been refuted and no concrete evidence suggests such a planet exists or that it will be orbiting near Earth any time soon.

Those are some of the more outlandish theories being discussed about 2012. Other, more realistic, theories also run abound. One example is economic collapse. Over the last few years, world economic super powers have seen their economies take hit after hit; endure recession; cope with struggling stock markets. When you throw the whole mess that is the Greek economy into the mix, it creates a more sudden air of urgency around the possibility of economic collapse. Even now as we speak, the Euro hangs in limbo as the European nations attempt to stabilize it through Greek economic bailout packages.

Outside of Greece, we have a large number of wars being fought all around the world. There are many who point to Iran as being the last of this colonialism; after all is that not what is happening? Invade a country, set up a new government you can control, then leave once you have control. With all the rumor surrounding the nuclear capability of Iran, especially coming from Israel, it is a growing fear that an inevitable war could erupt between the two countries that could plunge the world into a potential nuclear holocaust.

There are other thoughts and theories floating around the internet about 2012. Meteors, reversal of the magnetic poles, the antichrist, etc., etc. The point? Don't worry about them too much. All throughout history there have been numerous amounts of human beings who have claimed to know the outcome of the future; those who have claimed to know how it will end and when. None have been right. Nobody knows the true nature of our demise nor its time. The universe, and your existence, are miracles in and of themselves; do not let them pass you by while you wait for the end to come.