Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #6

This poem I wrote while going through a particularly difficult time at the end of a relationship. To say I was blindsided by what had happened is somewhat of an understatement. Love is a very powerful emotion; and not just romantic love. Always be considerate to that when dealing with others.


Tonight, alone, I cried aloud
And tried to hide beneath my shroud;
But it was far too late for me,
I stood there naked, for all to see.
A living witness to pains untold;
Exposed was I, my heart, my soul.
Through shattered dreams I stood to stare,
With all that shame inside their glare.
They scorned me for my grave trespass
And in the crowd, I saw you last.
The lashes that their eyes delivered
Could not cause my bones to quiver.
For torture as it was to see,
None compared as your eyes on me.
I felt my breath begin to fail;
My heart it cried, it yearned, it wailed.
How I let my mind not catch,
That evil plot, that common trap.
I saw it deep within your stare:
You lied to me; you did not care.

-John Thibeau 01/Apr/2003


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