Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Am In Public Relations Because...

Many of you who know me personally are aware that I am a student. For those of you, my friends, who do not know, I am a Public Relations students enrolled in the Advanced Public Relations Diploma Program at Eastern College located in Halifax. During the time between acceptance and attendance, many people I know would ask me how things were and what I was up to and I would reply about school in the fall. They would then ask me what I was going to study. For some reason there is very little understanding about what a PR specialist might do. I found it difficult to explain sometimes.

A PR specialist is many things. From event planning to fundraising to being a spokesperson, being involved in public relations has many faces. Among those I mentioned one must also include marketing, advertising and writing; lots and lots of writings. What kind of writings? Press releases, public service announcements, feature news articles, blogs, speeches, essays, etc, etc, etc. But this brief description does little to actually conceptualize the kind of work that one must put in as a PR specialist. It is very hectic and demanding; it is good that I thrive on chaos.

I would always give people a very general and brief idea of what kind of jobs or positions I might occupy upon completion of my program which inevitably lead to the next question: Why? Why did I want to be in public relations? Well, on the spot I would offer up some reply to the effect that I have always been comfortable when dealing with people from all walks of life with all sorts of temperaments. I have always had an ability to relate and empathize with individuals or groups within a short amount of time of meeting them. People seem to enjoy listening to me talk and inversely, they most always feel comfortable, sometimes it seems too comfortable, to share with me secrets and thoughts that would usually be reserved for very close, personal relations. I don't think I do anything other than give people what they deserve: respect, love and dignity. So if that is at the core of a PR specialists then I should be alright.

However, let us get back to the question, why public relations. After six months of my course, my time with Occupy Nova Scotia and the culmination of life experiences I have come to an explanation of why it is I am in public relations. I want to share these reasons with you. They are not, perhaps, what you think; or maybe you've come to know me well enough that they will be exactly what you have come to expect from me. Regardless, I present to you:

I am in public relations because...

I love the world. I know it can be better. I want to help facilitate.  
I love people. I know they can love each other. I want to spark that.
I trust. I know the world can. I want to build that.
I learn. I know the world can learn. I want to teach.
I am confused. I know the world gets confused. I want to clear things up.
I am honest. I know the world can be honest. I want to share truth.
I feel alone. I know the world is alone. I want to join it together.
I am happy. I know the world can be happy. I want to spread joy.
I listen. I know the world listens. I want to speak.
I speak. I know the world speaks. I want to listen.
I am uncertain. I know the world is uncertain. I want to bring confidence.
I am fearful. I know the world is fearful. I want to offer strength.
I dream. I know the world dreams. I want to make those dreams possible.
I have ideas. The world has ideas. I want to share them.
I am hopeful. The world can be hopeful. I want to give hope.
I am peaceful. The world can be peaceful. I want to spread peace.
I succeed. The world wants to succeed. I want to create opportunity.
I live. The world lives. Let’s live together.
With so much opportunity to accomplish so many different goals why would I want to do anything else?