Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #14

A Happy Easter to you! I hope you are enjoying your long weekend, if you have one, whether you celebrate Easter or not. I will only be posting one poem today as I have, like so many of you, Easter plans. Should there be time later this evening I may return to present you with another but as it stands I intend only on presenting the one; an original piece of course. I hope you enjoy it and may the rest of your day be full of joy and amazement.


A hazy mist, it fills the air
And all I did was sit and stare.
He came out through the foggy mist,
Shackled both at feet and wrist.
Appearing now for all to see,
A closer look, behold, it's me?
I stood and pondered at this site.
This couldn't be, this isn't right!
All my life I did good deeds,
Friends I helped and souls I freed.
Injustice from another life?
My heart began to fill with strife.
Then suddenly as it had come,
It disappeared, the vision done.
Is this what is to be my fate?
Has it been written? Is it too late?
How am I to prove my worth,
When stuck here on this sinful Earth?
But I will try, I'll do my best,
Until my body you've laid to rest,
And when the end is finally here,
My visions of the gravest fear,
Will they have happened as I've seen
Or will my actions intervene?
For certainly my time is pressed;
About this day I will confess:
Fearfully do I await,
To burning Hell or Heaven's gate?

-John Thibeau 03/Sept/2001