Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #12

Welcome back! It's nice to see you've returned once again for some Sunday Afternoon Poetry. Today's first entry is one that I wrote a few years ago. Although I stand at a crossroads on what it is I believe, you will find some obvious religious references in this poem. In fact, this has occurred in many of my poems as you will come to see. To give the references some perspective I will inform you that I was raised a Roman Catholic as a child and youth. Much of my religious influence comes from the Old and New testament however later exploration into other religions such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and other eastern religions (they're not so much religions as they are spiritual paths) have also influenced me. I'm just giving you background information, not opinion or conjecture. I hope you'll have the time to enjoy today's entry.
As an added note to you, my female readers, I would just like to add that after proof reading this I realized that I had used a male pronoun for God. This is not a slight or meant to be sexist, it was just prior to my true awakening on how language is extremely male dominated (see my post about patriarchy). I assure you that as I begin to write newer poetry my poems will more properly respect equality of the sexes.


I woke this morning at early dawn
My eyes were open, my vision gone
All the things I failed to see
Were on display in front of me
The fields of grass, the sunny days
All the time I'd wasted away
I cried to God beyond the clouds
To remove from me this Devils shroud
He did not listen, He did not care
He knew the punishment was fair
For every moment that had gone by
I shed no tears, I did not cry
For from the path, I did stray
And in the thickets, lost my way
But lo', there is a light ahead
Slowly down the path I tread
Suddenly my sight returns
Now He tells me, it's my turn
To open someone's eyes to see
All the gifts He gives us free,
The most important that He'll give,
Is your Life, your will to Live.

-John Thibeau 17/Feb/2006