Monday, April 23, 2012

Saturday Suggestion: New Blog Series?

Good day once again my friends, followers, occasional readers and of course, you, my first time visitor. Recently I have been receiving comments and feedback from many of you. I am glad to know that so many of you have found my blog interesting enough to become engaged with me. This small post is about a growing trend in your comments.

At the request of my readers I will be taking your ideas and suggestions for a new weekly blog post. This series will be called Saturday Suggestion: <Topic>. The topics for each weekly post will come from you. As such, this entire series will rely on your feedback and your suggestions. Is there something I've written about that  you want me to clarify? Is there a topic or subject you'd like to see me go more in depth about? Is there something about me you'd like to know more about? Is there something that is important to you that you'd like me to write about? Anything you can think of, I will take into consideration.

There are all kinds of ways you can submit your ideas.

  1. You can send me a Direct Message on Twitter or simply Tweet it publicly. My twitter handle is @Tekebo.
  2. You can send me a Private Message on Facebook or post a message to my Wall. If you are not on my Facebook and would like to be, you can friend me here.
  3. You can leave me your thoughts in the comments section here or on any one of my blog posts.
  4. You can email me your thoughts and ideas to
I look forward to hearing from you and also to the topics, suggestions and ideas you'll bring to the table. Again, this blog series is completely dependent on the participation of you, the reader. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard; have your questions answered; or gain a new perspective and insight into something you already have knowledge or interest of. Thanks for reading and have yourself a remarkable day.