Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So Much For Vacation...

Good morning my friends, and what a morning it has been so far. Recently I have started a three week vacation from my education in Public Relations. I had originally anticipated three weeks of boredom and was wondering how I was going to make the time go by. I even considered returning to re-take the same part of my program they are doing during this time as a refresher. I also contemplated going home to visit my family and some friends in my home town. Sadly, I'm not sure I will get to do any of this.

Many of my days are pretty dull. The most exciting part of my day is getting up in the morning and going to school. Now that there is no school one might have expected that I would descend into insanity with all that free time. I got up today and realized that I am actually far busier than I have been since I was camped out with the Occupy movement.

I am involved in helping to organize a fundraiser for one of my instructors here at Eastern College. Her name is Angela and she was diagnosed with Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis in 2010. She is the captain of an MS Walk team called Team Gracie's Mum and she wants to hold a fundraiser, Play Date With A Purpose, for her team this month (feel free to support; you can make a donation here). Our class is using this as an experience building event by assisting in advertising, fundraising, donation gathering and all of the other fun stuff that comes with event planning. I thought that our critical plan was moving along smoothly, and though it is, with less than two weeks to go a certain level of urgency seems to be rising. 

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not nervous or worried. Donations have started trickling in, our location is secured and we have all the technical things completed such as a gaming license, press releases and things of that nature. Overall I am completely satisfied that we are on track with our work but as the date looms closer, it is easy to get a little anxious; this is the first real event I've been even the remotest bit responsible for. It is both exciting and frightening all at once but I am confident it will be great.

That is the one thing I knew would occupy some of my time but not enough to warrant three weeks of sitting around the house so I planned a trip home. Well, that doesn't seem to be working out in my favour either as I was supposed to be there yesterday and then it was moved to Thursday and now it may not happen at all. Outside of the fundraising campaign, I have been contacted for a job interview at an outbound call centre that does surveys. It's part time work and I could really use the extra income. That is happening today and I am pretty confident I will get the job which means I will also be starting work potentially this week. 

To add one more item to the list, my good friend and class mate The Critical Stranger and I will be taking on another fundraising campaign for Hope For Wildlife which will be happening this coming August. We go to meet with them on the 24th of this month I believe. We actually just finished a campaign with them in March and so I already have an idea of the amount of work that will be required; much, if we are to make it a success.

So, having my responsibilities go from school, blogging and every day life I have suddenly had a surplus of responsibility dumped onto my lap. To be honest, it was quite overwhelming this morning thinking about all of it; putting it all together in my mind; creating that organizational mental chart we all do when we are overburdened with work; and I will let you in on a secret: I have no idea if I am capable. Don't tell anyone though; they all think I'm on the level; they trust in my confidence; they believe in my ability...I guess somewhere, I must too.