Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I Love Most About Me: You

I was out to orientation at my new part time job today. I'm going to be working at the same call center as my comrade The Critical Stranger. Don't worry, it's not sales. I've had my fill of that for the time being. Regardless, the point I want to make is that I was out. The orientation was actually entertaining and I learned a little about conversation. I also met three new people; well two, kind of. 

There were four of us: two women, two men. The thing is is that I had actually met the other man. His name is Roman and I actually met him while I was encamped at Grand Parade and then again at Victoria Park with Occupy Nova Scotia. What an interesting coincidence; but it is relevant. So in that sense, I only met two new people today. I love meeting new people and learning about them. Life is such an amazing experience and you can't experience it all so listening to the experiences of others grants you that; in a sense. Oh, did I mention that one of the men who lives in my building also works at this call center and he was there today? Relevant.

After I left orientation I left on a mission to get some new sneakers. After a 12km walk yesterday it became quickly apparent that I needed new ones. During this excursion to find new footwear I ran into another six people I know. Most were from my time with Occupy Nova Scotia but a few were from other networks and connections in my life. Running into all these people extended the length of my journey by almost an hour. You can't just walk by and not talk to friends. In a world that is quickly becoming more and more disconnected from itself, social interaction is imperative.

When I finally got home I ran into three more people who live in my building before I made it to my room. One of them was going into his room at the end of the hall and waited with his door slightly ajar just to say hello to me. I made it into my room and then I did what I always do when I get in from being out: I check out my social networks.

Myself & Ryan McKenna (@wolfisinhali)
Fourteen new updates and comments related to my posts were waiting for me when I logged into Facebook. It took about 20 minutes to go through them all and add replies and comments where appropriate and necessary. Then onto Twitter to find three new followers; two of which I was not following already. Unless you're a porn or spam bot I am going to extend the courtesy to return the follow; you have found something of value in me and I am sure to find something of equal value in you. Onto my email which notified me I had some Paper.Li news updates (this is a really cool website if you use Twitter; check it out) from my good friends @novascotiarasta and @wolfishinhali which had great content as always. Then of course there is my daily update of the WisemanTimes from my favorite video blogger and good friend James Wiseman. All and all there was a lot to catch up on.

So what does this have to do with being me? Or rather the thing I love about being me? People are happy to know me and this means that I am doing something right with myself. Roman, when we realized we had met, broke a smile and we chatted. The gentleman from my building (I apologize I cannot recall how to properly pronounce his name, though I try) got a good chuckle when I ran into him. All those people that I stopped to talk to; they were all smiling and calling me over to chat. Some I ran into twice. Those Facebook feeds? More friends with happy and positive things. Even the people I debate with, sometimes quite heatedly, take time to contact me to make sure I know they mean no offense. In the words of the great Sally Field: "You like me, you really like me!"

That is the one thing I love most about being me: that other people love me being me. That I am somebody that people want to know; that people enjoy knowing. That I am somebody that brings joy and love to the lives of others. I am somebody people trust; that people seek out for knowledge or answers; that people ask for an opinion from. That I am somebody. And being somebody, the success of my life can never be measured by wealth, by power, by position. This is the success of my life. I could not have done it without every single one of you who have crossed my path. You have done more to shape the person I am than I could have ever accomplished on my own. I am a product of the experiences of my existence; you are now part of that experience. If I am worth knowing it is because you have made me worth knowing. I can only hope that I have done the same for you.