Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's In A Dream?

Have you ever had a dream that was so real that you weren't sure of whether you were awake or dreaming? I'm not talking about little parts of dream that felt real or being able to recollect a dream. I am talking about being consciously self-aware while you are in a dream. In other words, lucid dreaming. This has happened to me really only one time in my life and I had no control other than turning my head (which I actually just realized right now). It happened some time ago but is still very crystal clear in my head to this day.

Something you should know about me and dreaming is that after that I actually stopped having dreams for a decade. Honest. I do not recall or recollect any dreams, or portions of dreams, over a ten year period. It has only been since receiving some mystic spiritual cleansing and healing about six months ago that I actually started having recurring dreams that I could recall. As I delve deeper into some of the ideas presented by some of these more unorthodox methods of inner peace and balance, I find myself having dreams more and more often. Dreams are important; do not underestimate their significance. They do have meaning as they are a product of our own conscious and sub-conscious thought.

I have already said more than I intended before presenting you with this very surreal and lucid dream experience. I apologize that the recounting is a single, large paragraph however it was written in 2001; I was more focused on getting it written than on presentation and felt it should be left as it was written. More-so than at other times, I am particularly interested to hear how you would interpret this dream so I would strongly encourage you to please, let me know. It is always interesting to hear how others perceive things. And with that, here we go:

"I had a dream a week or so ago. I’m not sure if I was really sleeping or not because it felt real. But what can one really say is real? Anyway, I was in total blackness then I felt a warm summer’s breeze blowing on my legs. It was just perfect; enough to make the hairs on my legs almost jump up with an electric charge. That’s how real it felt. Then I started to feel something else on my legs. It wasn’t the wind that was making my hairs feel funny, it was grass. Grass that was as green as green can be. Swaying calmly in the wind like dancing to the beat of music. It was up to just above my knees; about a foot and a half. Then I looked up and around and saw that I was standing on a grassy hill. It seemed like it was only six or seven feet in diameter and about five feet high. Then more hills began to appear, all the same shape and size. All had the tall grass blowing in the warm breeze. But I could not see the ground connecting the hills. A white cloudy mist was floating around calmly between the hills. It began about two feet up the hill and then you could no longer see below. All around me as far as I could see were hills. And the air, it smelled nice, fragrant. It was very relaxing. Then, all of a sudden I was above the hills, I was soaring through the sky which had no sun but had a beautiful sunset lighting to it. My arms were spread out to arms-length at both sides of me. I was looking straight downward watching the hills fly past me. It was wonderful. Then I looked further ahead and saw something that was not a hill. It looked like a mountain at first but as we got closer I could see that it was not a mountain. Instead, four large giant pillar-like objects were protruding out of the ground. They looked like giant huge teeth almost. All were connected at the bases. Each tooth of rock was a semicircle with the rounded edge on the outside. The half circle looked to be about five hundred meters in diameter. They did not point straight up. They began climbing straight up at first but gradually curve inwards and looked to reach a peak height of at least a mile. The inside part of these giant teeth of stone was smooth as marble all the way down. It was a shiny grey. The peaks of the four teeth of stone come to form some kind of dome excepting that they remain about twenty feet away from each other. Then I was travelling down through the middle of the teeth of stone. There were white fluffy cotton ball like clouds everywhere and I was flying straight down through them. Suddenly the clouds ended and I was in blue skies and flying towards what looked like a green valley. As I came closer to the valley, I began slowing down. I soon realized that this valley was not really a valley at all but a large garden. There were bright green trees with large leaves on them. I landed on the ground near a crystal blue river. It was flowing past me and I was near the river’s edge, within five feet. Ahead of me about fifty feet was a waterfall feeding the river. It was not too large, about six to seven feet across and about just as high. When the water came down to the river, the river shortened the width by about three feet and became shallower by about four feet. It was not completely calm, but bubbling perhaps. I looked around and saw different kinds of green plants and one large red flower with a yellow center; a beautiful flower that stood out against the greenery. For there was not much that I remember that wasn’t green. It was just only that I began to realize the awe and wonder of this place I was in when I suddenly awoke and sat up in my bed. This was my dream as best as I can describe it.

·         I noticed when I was typing this out that I mentioned “we” in my writing and found myself compelled to do it later on as well. I do not distinctly recall if I was alone or not. I can’t say for sure if I remember because I do but then I don’t. Perhaps my subconscious mind remembers and that is why I did it. I can’t seem to think of any other explanation of it just yet
·       I also remember seeing a few birds flying in and out and around the canopy
      ·         Vaguely remember, but I’m sure there was a large tree, almost like an apple tree, with its own radiance, sitting within the greenery 

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