Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Poetry #15

Welcome back! Time for another entry in my ongoing Sunday Afternoon Poetry blog series. It's a beautiful day out there today where I am and I hope that you will be enjoying some of the same weather as well. Today's original poem was actually a marriage proposal. Yes that's right, a marriage proposal. I have proposed to two women in my life and yet here I sit, alone. Regardless it has not broken my hope in finding someone who will love me as I love them. I hope you enjoy your day and I hope you enjoy today's poem. Enjoy and love one another.

Eternal Vow

I 'woke this morning at early dawn
And then my heart began to long.
I thought of all the things that'd passed,
And saw how well our love could last.
Through many days of thick and thin
I can still remember when,
Our softened lips met for the first,
Quenching an undying thirst.
It seems as though there's been more sad,
But 'tis harder when remembering glad.
I know that times were sometimes hard,
And left your heart with many scars.
But things have changed and so have we,
It's obvious we're meant to be.
I have not beauty, nor great richess
To give to you my darling princess.
But if you'll see past all the latter
And take the time to see what matters,
You'll know that what I say is true,
And know that I will always love you.
I'll swear it now before the Lord,
And love you now, forever more.
And although I've got no ring for thee,
My dear beloved, will you marry me?

-John Thibeau 20/Aug/2001